Welcome to Waves Yoga!

Relax and take time for yourself with Yoga. Together we strengthen our bodies and our ability to concentrate. As a certified Vinyasa Flow and Ashtanga teacher I create every class differently. In doing so, I let diverse elements and movements flow into the practice.

Come with me on the mat and feel the positive change…



I offer open Yoga classes for beginners and advanced students. Information about current or future courses can be found under Courses. Just come by or contact me via Mail!


You love Surfing or Kitesurfing?
Because I started surfing a few years ago and  trying kitesurfing from time to time, I also offer Yoga Classes especially for these sports. Together we focus on improving balance, coordination and flexibility.

Surfing and Yoga: Two great ways to strengthen your body and mind at the same time. Both can lead us to our limits. Be it paddling into a wave or holding an Asana.


Namaste and see you soon on the mat,