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Waves Yoga – this name connects my two great passions: Surfing and Yoga. In many ways they are similar and complement each other perfectly. Both, Yoga and Surfing, require a good sense of balance, coordination and flexibility. To keep balance on the surfboard and in life, Yoga is the perfect base.

It helps to find inner peace and strengthens the feeling of your own body. At the same time, this improves your performance on the board. Not to mention the body tension and the strengthening of your muscles.

Kitesurfers and surfers, benefit from the varied exercises. A healthy, strong body allows longer sessions on the water. As a result, a good wind or wave day can be fully enjoyed. Focused breathing in Yoga gives you more confidence and peace of mind, which will be very helpful under water!

Life is like a wave, a constant up and down. Yoga and Surfing teach us how to handle everything better.

Regularly I offer creative Vinyasa Flow classes for all levels but also units designed especially for surfers. We focus on balance, shoulder and back exercises. Do you have specific wishes or questions on how to improve your performance? You’re welcome to take a private individual lesson with me, which is tailored to you. Contact me via e-mail or social networks!